My Personal Objectives, Principles & Interests

I decided to share my personal objectives in the hopes that it may help me achieve them. I am using the Objectives and Key Results methodology detailed in John Doerr’s book Measure What Matters.

I was inspired to codify and share my principles after reading Ray Dalio’s book — the appropriately titled Principles. This is meant to be a living, interactive conversation about my principles. I have divided my principles into two sections — personal and professional. Please feel free to comment and share your opinions about what I have here. You may be able to help me develop the rules by which I am trying to build relationships, conduct business and enjoy experiences.

I have a short section detailing some of the ways I enjoy spending my time outside of school and work. Here you can find a list of the books that I’ve read and movies that I love. Take a look, maybe we have some in common!